Writer-in-Residence Fairhope Center for the Writing Arts

February 2015  – Starting in March, Charlie will again be writer-in-residence at the Fairhope Center for the Writing Arts south of Mobile Alabama on the gulf. During  last year’s visit he worked on his upcoming novel DEAD INVESTIGATION, a sequel to his first book, DEAD CONNECTION. Farrar Strous and Giroux is publishing this sequel  in August at the same time the paperback of his fifth book, DEAD GIRL MOON, will be released.

The Center for the Writing Arts cottage is a great place to start a new book and the people of Fairhope are particularly open and interesting and talented — an altogether amazing community. Charlie has started an informal writing group and is currently brain-flossing, writing short stories, prior to beginning a brand new novel.

He is also collaborating with local artist/painter Chris Knight in a “spontaneous inspiration” experiment. Over a month ago he and Chris were talking about the similarities of inspirational experience between artists, musicians, writers, scientists, engineers, probably everyone from time to time. As a result they decided to go outside to different locations and, once there, work simultaneously for an hour with the same vista of inspiration.

Chris would paint what was in front of him and Charlie would write a short-short story the area evokes. Afterward, they would rehash, see what transpired — what caught their separate fancies — look for the similarities and differences in their processes.

So far it has been gratifying and very challenging. They’re proceeding for the pure educative and expressive pleasure of it. Yesterday they were working in a Fairhope alley.

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