This coming February 2019, Charlie will again be writer-in-residence at the Fairhope Center for the Writing Arts south of Mobile Alabama on the gulf. The Center’s Wolff cottage is a marvelous place to write (100 feet from a grand city library) and the people of Fairhope are open and interesting , talented and fun — an altogether amazing community that never fails to provide an educational and inspiring experience.

During past stays Charlie collaborated with local artist/painter Chris Knight in a “spontaneous inspiration” experiment that began after he and Chris were talking about the similarities of inspirational experience between artists, musicians, writers, scientists, engineers, probably everyone from time to time. As a result they decided to go outdoors to different locations and, once there, work simultaneously, Chris painting and Charlie writing, for an hour drawing from the randomly chosen setting for creative material. Afterward, they reviewed, rehashed their work — what caught their separate fancies — looking particularly for the similarities and differences in their processes.

Charlie is published by Farrar Strous and Giroux, New York. His six books are available in hardback and paper. During his last visit he completed his novel DEAD INVESTIGATION, a sequel to his first book, DEAD CONNECTION.



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